Choosing the right style or length is just as important as picking the right compression. 

If you are looking to improve circulation, we recommend going for a knee high or longer length for effective graduated compression therapy. Usually a physician or a registered nurse will prescribe the right length of compression stockings. However, if you are not sure, use the handy outline below to get the right length needs, be it knee high, thigh high or pantyhose.

Generally it is best to figure out what area is being affected when choosing the right length or style. If you have swelling below the knee then go with a knee high, if your swelling is above the knee, then going with a thigh high or pantyhose is the better option.

Knee High

Knee high style also known as calf length are up to just below the knee and sometimes over the top of your calf muscle depending on your leg length. These compression stockings or socks, are great for travel and prevention of mild to serious leg issues. Knee high compression stockings help with aches and minor swelling but can also come in light, moderate, firm and extra firm compression levels. They are great for summer-time as they do not get too hot, and it is much easier to go with a knee high than a thigh high or pantyhose.

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Thigh High

Thigh high style is up to top of the thigh just below the buttocks, but sometimes they end at mid-thigh depending on your leg length.

If you did not receive instructions in this matter, we recommend going with a thigh high as that will provide more therapy. We recommend getting thigh highs with silicone dot top band, which prevents them from sliding down.

Most people who have venous issues such as spider veins, varicose veins, swelling (edema) go with a thigh high because they want to provide more therapy for their legs than a knee high would provide. And the longer the stockings are, the better they will move blood flow back to your heart and provide the circulation benefits you need.

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Pantyhose or Waist High

Pantyhose or Waist High styles are stockings that go up to the waist. These can have some type of band on top that prevents them from sliding, they should fit snug but comfortable. There are also Chaps varieties which have some type of velcro on top. These can be very helpful for people who are in between sizes.

Waist Highs provide the most compression benefits as they help move the fluids better to the heart, and are your best bet for more moderate to severe venous conditions such as edema or post-sclerotherapy.

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Open Toe Compression Stockings

Why are some compression stockings open toed, and what do they do? Well, its simple some people like to help their feet fly free to stay cool, and these can be worn with sandals, since there is no compression in the foot area it becomes a great choice for people who want to feel un-encumbered by a full foot stocking or sock.

Please use this a outline for choosing the right length. Always consult your physician when trying to self medicate with a medical grade compression garment.