Properly washing your garment will make it last longer, and result in retaining your required compression level and support. Compression garments including compression stockings are designed with a special yarn and graduated compression technology, they are durable however, it is not recommended that they are machine washed.

Hand washing is the recommended method of cleaning your compression stockings, because material is delicate and the product may lose compression if machine washed. However, you may machine was on gentle cycle with the gardment turned inside out, and laundry safe mesh bag.

For hand washing, use warm water, and a mild detergent. We suggest using a Washing Solution specifically designed for medical compression stockings such as Jobst Jolastic or Sigvaris Washing Solution.

To protect the stockings, we recommending turning them inside out before washing. It is very important you do not use bleach or fabric softener. Rinse the product in warm water, and air dry.

Air drying is recommended, and never use a dryer to tumble dry compression garments. Do not hang the product to dry as that may stretch the fabric, but instead lean it over a chair or lay it out in the open. We recommended ordering two pairs, or more, that way you can wear one and always have a clean pair for the next day.