Clearpoint Medical Timeless Butt Shaper
Clearpoint Medical Timeless Butt Shaper
Clearpoint Medical Timeless Butt Shaper

Clearpoint Medical Timeless Butt Shaper #370

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Clearpoint Medical Timeless Butt Shaper #370, is a must-have for those undergoing gluteal and related liposculpture procedures. This innovative shapewear is designed to enhance and shape your buttocks, providing you with a timeless and desired appearance.

  • Experience superior shaping with the adjustable elastic contouring strap that holds transferred fat/tissue in place, molding your buttocks to perfection.
  • Achieve your desired gluteal shape with strategically placed hook and loop grip pads that offer customizable shaping.
  • Enhance your buttock cleavage by positioning the strap at the 'V' (superior butt crease), providing a stunning look.
  • Enjoy the accentuation of your butt prominence as reinforced fabric panels compress and contour the surrounding region.
  • The reinforced waist not only controls the top but also pushes down into the buttock area, reducing the waist and accentuating the buttock region, creating the coveted "Shelf" effect.

The Clearpoint Medical Timeless Butt Shaper #370 features strategically placed reinforced panels and a heart-shaped power net covering the gluteal region, ensuring comprehensive control and shaping for a timeless and alluring appearance.