Jobst UlcerCare
Jobst UlcerCare
Jobst UlcerCare
Jobst UlcerCare
Jobst UlcerCare
Jobst UlcerCare

Jobst UlcerCare

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JOBST UlcerCARE is designed for effective management of venous ulcers. The two-part compression system incorporates a liner that gently holds the wound dressing in place, while the outer stocking delivers the optimal compression to effectively treat a venous ulcer.


  • Low profile to be worn with any style of shoes
  • Helps manage edema
  • Improves ulcer healing outcomes due to a high static stiffness index for maximum patient compliance
  • Seamless circular knit is easy to put on and comfortable to wear


  • The JOBST® UlcerCARE™ compression system is indicated for the following conditions: Management of venous leg ulcers after edema reduction; Helps prevent recurrence of venous leg ulcers


  • The JOBST® UlcerCARE™ compression system is contraindicated when any of the following conditions are present:
  • Ischemia (e.g. advanced arterial disease)
  • Untreated septic phlebitis
  • Uncontrolled congestive heart failure
  • Phlegmasia cerulea dolens
  • Incompatibility to fabric